Today’s Song

Long time no see.. It is only me who to blame for not writing..

Probably you all know this song but lately this on my mind and couldn’t keep myself away from sharing with you.

Koop – Come to me

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Paris Combo in Istanbul

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Paris Combo will have two concerts in Istanbul on 19th (today) and on 20th at Babylon. The concerts will start at 21:30. If you have the chance it would be a nice chance to finish your night with them.


Paris Combo

For the ones who are considering to come and have no idea on the group here are few videos for you to catch up..


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This Is What I Call Inspirational – Landfill Harmonic

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Music out of garbage. It is amazing how these people achieved their musical instruments and the love they have for music. Help them to forward their message..


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Pagagnini: Classical Music Comedy Quartet

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A week ago my parents called me and asked whether I was free for Tuesday. I said yes so they bought me tickets for classical music concert. It was highly recommended so they didn’t want to miss it. We didn’t read any comments beforehand so we went there without expectations. It was the best and the funniest classical music concert I’ve ever been to.

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Paganini group is making fun of the classical music actually. The way the violinists play moving their head round and round jumping all the time are making fun with the serious attitude of the classical music in general. Musicians use their violins as drums, as guitars, even as harmonicas. SO it is seriously unbelievable. The way they start a famous classical music from Bach / Mozart and finish as a country music or a rock music is extraordinary. There is also a huge thought behind the show. Every song every action is connected. The musicians also hold a great theatricals talent and they have different roles. One of them plays the surprised, the other plays the angry and one other plays the leader…

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It is seriously an extraordinary and unbelievable show. Try to catch their show in your country because you are going to laugh for 1,5 hours and enjoy violin and cello.

Watch the first video at least.. You’re gonna like it.


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RIP – Dave Warren Brubeck


Famous American Jazz pianist and composer Dave Warren Brubeck died today at the age of 92. He would be 93 tomorrow if he were alive. (December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012)

Today is the best day to remember him and free his soul… RIP

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King of Sorrow


This year I had a chance to see many unforgettable concerts. And luckily it included Damien Rice.

For many people, Efes One Love Festival 2012 meant alcohol free Festival, Kimbra, Kaiser Chefs and others. For me, from the day one, it only meant Damien Rice. Although I would prefer to listen to him at an Irish pub while sipping my beer, it was still an amazing experience to listen to him live.
Damien Rice is an Irish singer-songwriter who sings mostly indie pop and folk. He can make you cry, laugh and show everything differently in the world with his music. His breakthrough song was ‘The Blower’s Daughter” which was also used as soundtrack of “Closer”. (Great movie btw :))
He grows on stage with his guitar, his strong voice captivates you and his honest and brutal words get through you. His anger, his cry, his scream become yours. Just be careful. His melancholia may drown you🙂
Note: Written by a Guest Author
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Lately on My Playlist


The Neighbourhood is lately on my playlist with Sweater Weather song. This song a has different magic. Don’t know what actually but it constantly plays on your brain after you listen to it once or twice. A song that sticks to your brain is either a great or an awful song. (Quote by ME :))

I started to listen some other songs of The Neighbourhood.. I think they found their sound, all of their songs are worth listening to it. I recommend Female Robbery after Sweater Weather for beginners.

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